Solar energy and the usage of it is something that is getting day by day varied. People are making decisions to go fully solar but some lack knowledge about it, some worry about the cost; some have issues regarding solar installation. Certainly, there are problems everywhere but we are here to guide you thoroughly through the entire process. But before going solar every business, household should understand some steps that will help them to take the decision in a more efficient way.

1. Is solar financially viable for your business or household?

The first step is to see your financial conditions. When during summers there is a lot of usage of electricity ones electricity bills goes up which causes a major change in your financial conditions. Also during the winters when we use heaters a lot the same happen. This will tell you how much is spending on electricity monthly. How much you spend will determine how cost effective solar rays are for your business.

2. Options for paying for the equipment.

In the rural areas where electricity is a major problem and people want to install solar panels but their financial condition doesn’t allow them the free electricity. For this purpose Government of India grants certain loans for the installation of solar rooftop systems. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the Central Government will pay 30% of the bench-marked installation cost for the rooftop solar panel which is applicable to the states that are of general category. However the government provides subsidies of 70% to the states that lie in the special category- North MNRE PV Rooftop cell which includes Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir.

3. Location.

Another major factor that one should keep in mind before going solar should be the location where one is living or is the business located. Though in India there is 9months of sunshine but one should always go through the locations where the best sun rays will enter through the directions north, east, south or west. This makes the work easy as the panel can be installed hassle free without making any changes to the existing structure of your building or household.

4. Talk to experts.

One should always go with good consultation. Because the decision of going solar is a life changing decision that will impact your electricity. Find the best solar company to consult with. We at peacock solar provide the best guidance to our customers telling each and every thing in the simplest and most desirable manner.

5. Warranty of solar panels.

Last but not the least one of the important step is to always check the warranty of the solar panels. Though the solar panels last for almost 25-30 years but one should always check before investing huge amounts of money in something that will benefit everyone. These are five simple steps which everyone should consider before going solar. Solar energy is very important and everyone should consider using this source of energy as it is cheap and Eco-friendly.