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Peacock solar specialises in solar energy services. We provide hassle free solar panel installation. In 21st century where Conventional source of energy generates 800m tons of Carbon dioxide resulting in 1.2 million deaths annually. As electricity demand escalated, with supply depending largely on fossil fuels. concerns arose about carbon dioxide emissions contributing to possible global warming. Attention turned to the huge sources of energy surging around us in nature, sun in particular.

Peacock solar aims to be the energy partner for 200 million households by leveraging data Analytics and innovative finance to provide access to solar energy in and contribute to stabilise our ecology. Peacock solar has built its operations and marketing in a scalable manner. We promote the most important aspects that will shape India’s future.

Peacock Solar is active in serving the Nation for last 10 years. We believe in harnessing the pristine power of nature and providing a sustainable and easy lifestyle for years to come. The skyrocketing price of electricity makes solar panels the need of the hour. An array of solar cells in the solar panel absorbs sunlight to generate electricity by the photovoltaic effect. We have an end to end solution for solar panel installation.

Our idea was selected by Climate Finance Lab as one of the top 9 global ideas for sustainable development in 2018 cycles. We also received grand finance from UNICEF worth $ 85,000 to build our go to market and scaling strategy for scaling solar. Our business model has the potential to generate 50 GW and save 25 million metric tons of CO2

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Co-Founder, IITM(Mech, Energy) Managed India’s first 50MW CSP

Mr Pramod Kumar Maharia, a concentrating solar power (CSP) professional and IITM alumnus.

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Aniket Baheti

Co-Founder, IITM (ME), ISB Ex-Amazon, Ahafoods

Aniket is a solar professional since 2010 and brings in experience managing diverse operations.He is an alumnus of IIT Madras and ISB.

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Co-Founder, IITK(CS), IIMB Managed Tech at MNCs

Hardik brings in technical expertise in managing digital interfaces and handling data. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore.


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Jyoti Malhan

Data scientist

Analytical data expert , smooth in solving complex problems. She specialise in data Science with work experience of 4 years.

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Sweta Singh

Human Resource

Human Resource professional for handling the Business Partnership for one of the largest Functions in the Organization.

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Ashish Verma


He manages procurement cycle, stock management, supply management for our company.

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Nimish Singh Chauhan

City Manager

He handles the city projects and manages all the work very well. He is a newcomer but has a deep knowledge of marketing.

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Monica Dev

Customer Care Specialist

Manage meetings with customers, coordinate with ground sales team to conduct meetings,pitch the product and complete the transaction.

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Nitesh Goel

MIS Analyst

He handles the city projects and manages all the work very well. He has very deep knowledge of data analysis.


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Rajkumar Meena

Project Engineer

Manages project designing, project execution is responsible for monitoring project performance.

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Specialist in installation,maintenance of solar panels with a work experience of 1 year.

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Shakti Rathore

Sales executive

He travels to demonstrate and present the products of our company with 5 years of experience .


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Karthik Chandrasekar

Board Member, Chicago Booth(’08), IITB(’98)

He spends a lot of his time with the portfolio & within the clean technology eco-system in India & globally.

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Erich Nussbaumer

Strategy Advisor, Harvard Kennedy School(’18)

Erich is passionate about developing the potential of individuals and teams to deliver better results while adapting to the environment.

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Suyog Patel

Design Consultant, NID(’14)

Assist startups to reach the Product/Market Fit milestone through design thinking and lean startup processes,frameworks and design research.


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