Peacock Solar was born out of the vision to empower India’s 50 million households with access to clean energy. Peacock solar leverages data analytics and innovative finance to make solar affordable and reliable for homeowners across the country. We offer highest quality of technical expertise in our end-to-end suite of solar panel installation services. We are proud to be recognized by Climate Finance Lab as one of the top 9 global ideas for sustainable development in 2018 cycles and funded by UNICEF to further our vision of getting solar at every home.


Core Execution Team


Sweta Singh

Human Resource

Human resource professional for handling the business partnership for one of the largest functions in organization.

Ashish Verma

Procurement & Project Management

He manages the procurement cycle, stock management, supply management & project vertical for our company.

Nitesh Goel

Data & Analytics

He is responsible for creating an all-inclusive strategy for the operation of a business’s information management systems.

Monica Dev

Customer Success

Specialized in core customer service represents support customers by providing helpful information. She acts as the front support for clients.

Nimish Singh Chauhan

City Manager

He leads all the functions of our operational cities. Responsible for market acquisition, growth and project execution.


Project Staff

Specialist in installation, maintenance of solar panels




Aniket Baheti

IIT-M, ISB, Ex-Sangam Ventures, Amazon, Aha Foods

Aniket is a solar professional since 2010 and brings in experience managing diverse operations. He is an alumnus of IIT Madras and ISB.



Hardik brings in technical expertise in managing digital interfaces and handling data. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore.

Karthik Chandrasekar


He spends a lot of time advising us and is an integral part of the clean technology eco-system in India & globally.

Erich Nussbaumer


He is passionate about developing the potential of individuals and teams to deliver better results while adapting to the environment.

Suyog Patel

Design Consultant , NID(’14)

Assist startups to reach the product/market fit milestone through design thinking and lean startup processes, frameworks and design research.

Supported By

Sangam Ventures

Climate Finance Lab

US-India Clean Energy Finance