Solar power technology has various advantages over the socio-economic factors of our country. Mainly factors include

  1. Employment Generation:

This is the most striking feature of the solar energy sector to bring in new job opportunities both skilled and unskilled labor force into the system.

  1. Reduction in poverty and productive use:

Poverty getting reduced to a certain extent as solar technology encourages regular employment and reducing energy costs per household.

  1. Gender equality:

Electricity and modern cookstoves facilitate the work of women and girls. Electric lighting improves living and working conditions at home, while modern stoves cook faster and cleaner, use less firewood and save up to 40 percent of the time usually spent on firewood collection. Women benefit from job creation, too, as well as earning a livelihood by using solar-powered sewing machines.

  1. Health:

Modern stoves and lighting systems and solar panels reduce emissions caused by traditional stoves or three-stone fires and by kerosene lamps and candles which is a conventional source of energy. Almost half of the improved cookstoves and solar powered energy solutions can be escalated to solve the greenhouse gas emissions and regulate global warming.

  1. Education:

Energy unserved population deprived of electric power are now enjoying energy facilities and it helps in facilitating educational goals of their children as well by the help of solar lamps worth free of cost. People are also trained for solar technology knowhows to improve their lifestyle.

  1. Environment and Climate:

The major advantage of going solar is attaining sustainable development goals of climate protection measures.