In India, we envision a future where we can meet the ever-increasing energy demand in an economical and more importantly, in a sustainable manner. In the renewable energy space, solar rooftops make economic and commercial sense. The  transition to solar households has never been this easy with the right amount of government intervention.

Why buy electricity when you can produce your own.Having said that, one needs to carefully asses the ground reality  and handpick  a system that fits one’s energy needs and your finance capabilities.

Do you have a roof that can support solar panels?
The first and foremost thing one needs to understand before installing residential solar is to check on how much shadow-free space is available. If one’s roof is covered in the shade most of the day throughout the year, then it might not have a favorable advantage to justify the costs of solar panels. Also, it is essential to understand the placement of panels, quality of components and expertise of the installer.

How to determine the consumption rate of your household?
It is also important to size the system appropriately to make the most economic sense out of the investment in the rooftop solar installation. One needs to asses the amount of electricity consumed utilized by a family. What one must also factor in is- the rising electricity tariffs set by the various state governments.

For instance, a monthly bill of Rs 5,000 on average can be offset by installing a 5kW rooftop solar plant at home.

Buy the system or directly buy the electricity?
Every household will need to calculate their cost-benefit analysis depending on their spending power. Understand the various financing schemes offered by the service providers so that the solar system fits your energy needs and your finances. The most common options available are as below:

Direct Buy
•    Own your system
•    Avoid interest charges
•    Get all the benefits of solar from Day 1 of installation

Purchase clean electricity produced from solar
•    Get solar at zero upfront cost
•    Start saving on your electricity bill from day 1
•    Affordable monthly payouts

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