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How much electricity bill savings can I achieve?

There are three ways in which solar helps you achieve massive savings in your electricity bills –

1. Solar plant is designed to meet 80% of your energy needs and hence, using free energy from sun, it brings down the bill as much too.
2. Your bill will also reflect the savings from switching to a cheaper slab as your consumption from grid electricity goes down. For some states, the tariff is almost half of that in upper slabs.
3. Solar on your rooftop can significantly reduce the heat load on your house by acting as a shield from direct sunlight. That directly implies lesser energy spent on cooling during summers.

What maintenance is required for the solar plant?

This is the best part about solar on your rooftop. With no moving parts, there’s absolutely no oiling or maintenance required. Please ensure that the solar mod

Will I be able to use my rooftop after installing solar?

Solar installations take the space required to mount the modules on your rooftop. Using high quality solar modules and advanced software used for shadow analysis, we are able to find out the best spots on your rooftop where solar can be installed with minimum required area. For most purposes, each kW of solar installation requires around 10ft X 10ft space on your rooftop.

How much will it cost?

Our single focus on removing all barriers for adoption of solar also motivates us to offer the best pricing possible for installing solar at your rooftop. You can choose between attractive purchase options and be aware of the savings you will derive from each finance option. Contact us today to get a quote for your solar.

Do I need to cut off from my electricity connection?

Absolutely not!

We are using smart inverters which allows homes to get electricity both from solar as well as the existing grid connection. When the Sun is up, homes get energy from solar and when during other times, the grid electricity is used to power the homes. At times, when the power is not being used at home, solar is fed back to grid and compensates for the energy used during night.

Why should I go solar?

Solar energy is renewable energy; it will help us to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. It will help to maintain the bills as after fixing the solar panels, you can easily consume the solar energy in the form of electricity, so you can easily control your billing and can further store it in the battery for night purposes. It is eco-friendly which helps us to reduce the harmful gases in the atmosphere. Not only it helps on household purpose but also in other ways such as remote sensing, solar heating, telecommunication equipment, solar powered transportation, solar wearable’s etc.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

From the word financial benefits we understand that here we have to find desirable result from solar energy. Basically, investing in solar energy is a long-term profit program, as an average lifespan of solar panel is 25years so it’s one time investment process. Moreover, there will be tax deduction on the basis of size of the system and the location you are going to install within, which helps in saving the money. Using solar panels on household basis will help us to maintain the electricity bill on which every year we have to spend a lot with other bills. It specially helps those builders who install solar panel as the main source of electricity in their buildings; because it will gradually increase the rate of the flats and people will be much more attracted with the idea of eco-friendly society.

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

As solar energy is renewable energy there is no limit for its consumption and hence it will help us to reduce the usage of fossil fuels which is a non-renewable resource. Less usage of fossil fuels will eventually help us to decrease it consumption span on high extent. And due to less consumption of fossil fuel air pollution will gradually decreases which help us to maintain a clean environment for living. The amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide will also decrease and hence pollution free air will have a good impact on people suffering from air-borne disease. There will be a huge impact of clean environment on climate change. Due to green-house gases there is large effect on the climate like increasing temperature of earth, increasing the sea- level due to melting of glaciers etc. And hence we have to less suffer from the huge change in climate. As water is the main component in thermal power station there is a large usage of water to produce electricity, and hence using solar energy in large extent can reduce the usage of water which is already very less in quantity for the usage.

How do I find how much I pay for electricity?

Step 1 – Go to your electric revenue office
Step 2 – Take your electricity bill
Step 3 – Find your consumer number, a consumer number consist of 10-digit number.
From your consumer number you can easily find the amount you have to pay from any bill checking site and even from E-Seva center.

How does solar impact my property values?

The impact of solar depends on various factors but there are three major factors on which it depends.
• First is the location of your home, if your home is located in a well-developed area where the solar panels are easily available in the market then the percentage over the initial investment cost increases compare to the home located near in less developed area.

• Secondly it depends on size of the installation; there is a direct relationship between the property value and numbers of solar panels installed.
• Thirdly, the size of your house matters, if the size of your house is large than it raise your property value compared to the house of smaller size. And if ever you decide to sell your house you will benefit with high premium which will cover the cost of installation of solar panels. But always remember to choose good quality of panels for the better investment.




How do solar panels work for my home?

Solar panels are installed on the roof top where the sun ray directly hit the solar panels and helps to collect most from the sun rays. Now from these sunrays the panels convert them in the form of DC current which further passes through an inverter, where the invertor coverts the current from DC to AC. Now this AC current is used in our home. When you don’t use this current gets stored in a battery which helps you to use it for the night purpose or for other work. And there is meter connected to this system which helps you to record the energy sent by the grid compared to the energy received from the grid.

How do I choose a solar installer?

While choosing a solar installer you should keep in your mind that the installer should be reliable. So you should better check the company installing the panels should have a licence and insurance for your own Safety purpose. It will be better if you check the reviews of the people on the work of that particular company. The company should have good experience in the field of solar installation, and do make sure that the installer is well trained and qualified because this is an one time investment if the installation failed or not done properly than you have to face great consequence due to it. Quality of the solar panel should not be neglected, always check that the panels used for the installation are of high quality.

Do my solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining?

Solar panels will not produce any power when it’s not a sunny day because the production of power is directly proportional to the sun rays falling on the solar panel. So when there isn’t sunny day the solar panels will not be able to produce any power but hopefully you can use the power stored in the battery which had store the excess power of the solar panel.

What happens if there is a snow on the solar panels?

As solar panels are used to capture the sun light if there will be snow on solar panels than the panels will fail in capturing the light and no power will produce. But if the angle of solar panel installation would be slightly slant in angle than the snow falling on the solar panels can slide down but this process also takes some time.

Can I go-off grid with solar panels?

Yes, an off-grid solar panel is much better than an on-grid solar panel, because an on grid panel is completely dependent on utility power grid so when there will be outage of power grid no power would be supplied. But in the case of off-grid power is stored in battery so even when there will be outage of power grid the battery will efficiently supply power for the usage. But at the same time it has many drawbacks. It cannot be assured that off-grid solar panels can provide power for all your loads. And also the installation of off-grid solar panel is costly and complex than on-grid solar panels.

How much will solar panel maintenance cost?

The cost of maintenance depends on two factors.
• Firstly, which type of solar panels you are using. If you are using on-grid solar then cost of maintenance is very low it will be around 55,000- 80,000 per kWp, depends on the quality of solar panels. But if you are using off-grid solar panel then the cost of maintenance is very high because the battery connected at the time of installation must be changed in 5-7 years for better performance of solar panels, so it will cost around 1 lakh or more than it, it depends on which type of battery you have selected.

• Secondly, the cost of maintenance has a direct relation with the number of solar panels you are using, if the solar panels more than, the maintenance cost also increase. Similarly, if the solar panels are less than, the maintenance cost decreases.

Is solar energy reliable and powerful enough for my home or business?

To know whether the solar energy is reliable for home or not you have to calculate the amount of power you use every day. First check the number of electrical appliance you are going to use and for how much time you are going to use? Then calculate the daily electrical consumption of you house or office.
Step 1: Find amount of energy consumed by each AC load.
Step 2: The amount of time the device being used, and for how many days in a week it is used?
Step 3: Multiply current mention on the device (in amps) with voltage and that will be the power consumed by the device.
Step 4: To find energy multiply the power you got with the number of hours you use it in a day.
Daily energy target = total average ac load x invertor efficiency + total average dc load
You can use all the appliances with solar power but as the heating devices consume a lot of power so people don’t use these devices with by photovoltaic system as this can be much more expensive, so it is recommended that either you don’t use these high power consuming devices or limit your power consumption by calculating your daily power consumption by above method. For installing a solar electric system it is required to know your daily consumption according to that you must choose a photovoltaic system for your home or business company. If you have connected utility grid before the solar electric system than it would be more beneficial to you.

Are the solar systems effective in winter months?

Yes solar systems are effective in winter month until and unless it get the sunlight because the entire solar system depends on the sunlight hence it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter if it gets enough sunlight it will work completely well. But as in winters the amount of sunlight is less hence less power is generated during winter months.

What roof space is required to fit a solar power system?

The roof space required to fit solar system mainly depend on three main factors:
• Weight of solar panels: Average weight of solar panel is 30-60kg/m^2, so you have to ensure that your roof should be enough strong to take the weight of solar panels.

• Panel efficiency: There is direct relation between shade free area and panel efficiency, if the panel efficiency will be more than there will be less shade free area will be required.

• Wind pressure: It will be good if you discuss with your installer about the angle of mounting the panel so that the panel get exerted with less pressure of wind, especially in cyclone prone areas.

Are solar panels difficult to maintain?

Solar panels are not at all difficult to maintain. It is necessary to check whether the panels are clean or not for better working of panels, and in rainy season this job becomes easier as it will get clean by the rain. But for panel safety does make sure to check time to time that the panel is in better condition or not.

Does the electrician installing the product need to be qualified?

As the solar panels are for long term usage it is necessary that the installer of the panel should be well qualified and had a good experience in installing solar panels. If you are investing money it is necessary to make sure that your money is not getting waste by just one mistake.


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