In Today’s world saving electricity is one of the major issues being seen and is considered to be a concern at both the levels economically and household.
With the introduction of various types of renewable resources the consumption of fossil fuels have declined. But we sometimes take electricity for granted and not seriously. But if we take it’s benefits as a whole then not only we can save money but also we can make the environment pollution free.

One can save electricity by following certain measures at households.

Use of big appliances together.

While using washing machines, microwaves and oven they may be energy efficient but they consume a lot of energy. One can save energy and reduce the bill by going for pool laundry in which you can collect all the clothes of your household and wash them altogether this will be energy efficient and also water efficient ultimately cutting down the usage of washing machine to minimum and saving electricity.

Switch to energy saving lEDS

As technology is getting advanced and there are so many changes around going there is changes in the light quality also. Remember to switch off light bulbs when not in use. Also these days new leds have come that require less electricity. One can always switch to them for reduction in electricity bills and not only electricity bills but they are efficient for your family because they can make your house look much better like syska leds there is another range and variety which is especially designed in a way to save electricity and give the best of experience.

Stay up to date on maintenance

Every appliance comes with the cost of wear and tear and durability. One should always maintain their service. For example if your refrigerator is not working at a normal temperature so you might turn it up higher because the cooling of your refrigerator is not meeting your expectations. So by maintaining high and low temperatures may fluctuate your electricity bills. One should always keep the appliances upto date and do their service properly.

Unplug electrical appliances monthly

As we know that plugged in sockets also take the energy and it is highly recommended not to plug in sockets for a longer time. One should once in a while unplug the appliances so as to make the appliance get some rest and which in turn will affect your electricity bill also.

Save money with solar energy

One can always switch to the usage of solar as it is very cheap and affordable. Your electricity bill can reduce to half the original bill. You can install rooftop solar panels or install solar water heaters in your house and make the best use of electricity.

Wash clothes at a lower temperature

While washing the temperature should be at least 40degrees which can help you reduce your energy usage and increase your savings. If you can cut out one washing cycle per week then you can save a lot on your annual energy bill.

Invest in double glazing

Double glazing is a process to insulate your home from the cold and in turn it helps you to reduce your heating bills. How? There is a semi insulator fixed in your homes which helps your home to beat the cold and in turn reduces ones heating bills.

Insulate the roof

One can always insulate their roofs and save electricity and reduce their bills. While going for this one should always consult an expert. This in turn helps you to reduce carbon footprint and also your electricity bills. But a proper research must be done before going for this. Need help with your bills? Call us we at Peacock Solar provides you with the best of solar panels at a reasonable price and giving the required information at your convenience.