lead - Future Business Leaders In Solar Sector: What Are The CXOs Looking For?

India is a land of opportunities for start-ups, especially the tech start-ups aimed at disrupting the way we go about living our daily lives. With world’s finest engineers building innovative products, India has become a hub of technological innovation. Even though innovation has spiraled into every aspect of our lives, our energy infrastructure is still decayed and paralyzed by traditional, old fashioned way of production, distribution and consumption.

India’s energy infrastructure looks up to a massive transformation with advent of solar sector and ambitious targets by Government. Solar allows for a cleaner generation, closer to the point of consumption, thereby eliminating the need for a grid infrastructure and energy losses. Future business leaders in Solar are looking out for innovative use of technology to achieve grid transformation and make energy accessible for all. This definitely requires the need to attract technical and data analytics professionals who can build new models for managing energy at consumer level. CXOs are also looking out at visionary goals to aim for given that India currently barely consumes 1/30th that of US per capita energy consumption. Solar energy firms have the unique opportunity to sustainably enable the growth of India’s energy consumption without hampering the environment. Lastly, CXOs from solar sectors expect mobilization of private capital which is required for scaling and trying out innovative financing models. Currently, solar industry is laden with debt and is heavily dependent on Government incentives and makes the entire industry vulnerable. With the assistance of private capital, solar firms can look forward to long term view for the industry and investors can fetch higher returns at lower risk.