Solar energy has played a very big and important role in the lives of people. While shifting from the usage of fossil fuels to solar energy, it has made it worth for both the environment and the public. Solar energy usage is increasing day by day but we need to keep in mind some key points before buying and solar panels in any region whether it is mumbai or delhi. Before buying any solar panel one should keep in mind the following points.

  1. Requirement

Whether you live in delhi or in mumbai the first factor that one should keep in consideration is their requirement. Whether you need it for commercial use, or industrial or maybe household because there are different types of solar panels manufactured for different types of uses.

  1. Efficiency

Once you have selected the solar type that you want for your household or commercial use then check compare the efficiency of power of the solar panels which means the rate at which solar energy can be converted to power and generate electricity.

  1. Manufacturers credibility.

The third most important point to remember is to always see the credibility of the manufacturer as you will invest huge amount of money in purchasing solar panel. One should always consult and find someone trustworthy before going solar.

  1. Cost efficient.

It is very important to see while investing into solar panels. Hence cost plays a very important role in the purchase of solar panels. Cost basically means the amount of power to be consumed by the household or industry on a daily basis.

  1. Power output.

Another major factor while buying the solar panels is that there should be the power output. By power output it means the amount of power one solar panel can produce with the direct current in it. The higher the power output the higher the rating of the solar panel.

So these were some of the important points while buying solar panels in Mumbai and Delhi. Now let’s discuss some points one should consider before installing solar panels in Mumbai or Delhi.

  1. Roof facing.

This is considered to be the most important factor while installing solar panels in any part of India. The facing of the roof should always be north or east facing which is suitable for the generation of electricity.

  1. Which solar panels you should buy?

There are different solar panels available of different brands. One should always choose a company which is in the market for a longer period of time and has a name which makes easier to distinguish between the real or fake companies. Always choose a reasonable price and compare with the other companies.

  1. Warranty of the solar panels.

It is one of the main factors before installing a solar panel. One should always see the warranty. Generally the solar panel warranties are from 10 years on the product which is free from defects. 15-25 years on the performance of the panel.

  1. Your Roof Condition and material used.

The condition of the roofs should be very good and durable so as to take the load of the solar panels. If the base of any thing is not strong then how can we build a castle on it. Similarly the condition and the material used in building of the roofs must be durable which can face both the cold and rain.

  1. Financing options.

Solar energy these days is not only used in the rural parts of the country but the urban areas too. Government has given out subsidies to the people who cannot afford the solar panels. Apart from that one can even rent or lease if the income is low. The usage of solar energy is made easy for the masses because it has become a right for everyone to use it.

In the end it has been noticed that Mumbai is partly dependent on the electricity generated by the solar as by the information provided by IIT MUMBAI which is a big achievement for the masses as they now can get solar energy and make the best use of electricity in their lives. One should always look before the following points before buying and installing the solar panels. Our organization provides the guidance and services within a short period of time. “Go green. Go solar”.